Vinyl Siding Pricing

Looking for vinyl siding pricing and vinyl siding prices for your house?  You made the wise choice for research of the best prices on vinyl siding.

3 important factors for installation cost

Type of material

clapboard vinyl siding

The structure of house

aluminum pole systems

Custom made designs

aluminum window casing

Vinyl Siding Pricing

Understanding how contractors base their rates

  • Type of vinyl material
  1. All vinyl is not the same, some brands and materials cost much more than others
  2. Standard siding panel are 12’6 long but if you want a seamless look, the longer panels cost more
  3. Different types of vinyl siding material, vinyl cedar shakes, scallop, vertical and so on
  • Structure of house
  1. Does it have flat walls, peaks, dormers or small addition
  2. Is there structural damage
  3. What type of house, a Victorian, ranch, split level, cottage, etc
  • Custom made designs and installations
  1. Custom aluminum window casing and fascia
  2. A unique siding design
  3. Special designs on porches, dormers or any particular area.

Vinyl Siding Prices

Which house cost more for siding installation?


Wood shakes are removed

Removal of old wood shakes jacks up the price of the installation

Front overhang require attention

The front of the house is detailed and requires a custom design

Other cost considerations

You need the sufficient information to get the best deal for vinyl siding material prices and labor.

That’s one handsome guy

If the structure of your house is in good shape, you’re already saving.

Where damage needs to be worked on the house is crucial.

If damage is on second floor, a peak or dormer, it can take time to fix.  Again it all depends on the project.


The structure is in great shape

This is a great start, there will be no extra charge for the carpentry and the good news is many houses are in good shape.

The actual vinyl siding price for installation

In New Jersey the cost for vinyl siding is between $500 and $600 a square.  I’m used to calling it a square which is 100 square ft.    A small ranch like the one below is 1700 square ft..    Just multiply 17 x $500 and the vinyl siding cost is $8,500.

Insulation is applied first for a proper installation

Therefore, the ballpark figure is between $8,500 and $10,200.

Included in the standard package

  • 12’6 long standard vinyl siding, like Wolverine or CertainTeed.   Standard siding is good quality and last as long as it is properly installed
  • 3/8 inch fanfold insulation
  • aluminum window casing and aluminum fascia boards
  • All material needed for proper installation
  • All vinyl siding trimming and accessories
  • Leaving house clean and all debris removed

If you’re looking for custom work than the price will go up.  I’ll say 85% of NJ home owners get the affordable vinyl siding package and are completely satisfied.

3 more factors that are a rising cost in sidng

Vinyl accessories

Custom window casing

Custom fascia design

custom made aluminum fascia

You could get a better deal. Some contractors will ask $400 to $475 a square.   However, before you grab check out our 7 pitfalls to avoid when selecting a siding contractor.

Be careful because you don’t know if they’re insured, their warranty, experience or references.   It could be a total disaster if you go for the lowest price.   Their are so many pitfalls out there.

Discount Vinyl Siding

There are legitimate  reasons for great discounts.   Just like any other company, siding installers have to promote and get new customers.

Vinyl Siding Cost

Avoid contractors who over charge

On the flip side, there are large contracting companies and retailers charging twice the the average price for vinyl siding styles.  They’re shooting for $850 to $1000 a square.   What justifies these cost?  They’ll tell you many factors but they’re not valid.

vinyl siding trimming

If this was your house would you pay $30,000.00 to side it?

They’re simply over charging.   An educated consumer can protect himself and family from this situation.  The internet has made it possible to research which siding sales company is grossly over charging NJ homeowners.

Remember, they know you’re doing the research and I’m sure they have an arsenal of reasons to justify their price.  They’re highly trained sales reps so you must be careful.

The good news is all you have to do is Contact Us and all you’re siding problems are solved.