Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding

Do you love vinyl cedar shake siding and the vinyl shake siding look? Well so do many New Jersey home owners, it’s appeal greatly enhances their property value.

Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding

Proper planning is crucial before installing vinyl cedar shake siding

Although real wood cedar shakes is popular, it has a high cost and heavy maintenance.

Home owners love the elegant and vinyl siding style.

There are so many reasons to love vinyl shakes.

It protects your home from the elements, especially in areas where the climate can change from one extreme to another, like New Jersey.


We love its special appeal.


Considerations For The Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding Look

Damaged Cedar Shake

wood cedar shake siding

Old cedar skake siding

Wood Cedar Siding

wood cedar shake siding

Wood cedar shakes need to be torn off house

Stripped To Plywood

vinyl replacement window

Some houses need to be stripped to the plywood

A reputable installer

  • Let them show you they are capable of your project. It’s important because there are certain things which must be considered before installation.   Installation for types of house siding are different.
  •  Should the old siding and shakes be stripped off and install new shakes over plywood. It’s not always necessary. You can enjoy a great saving, the extra cost for a dumpster, tearing off old wooden shakes and clean up is costly. Let you’re your sider examine this carefully.
  •  Will they install it correctly. Shakes could be more complex than standard siding to install and every piece must fit correctly and locked properly within each other. If not the pieces can start falling apart and to repair vinyl shake siding is twice as difficult than regular siding.
  •  Attention to detail is important, you must be fully satisfied with their workmanship. Make sure they know this. After all, you’ll be holding the last payment.
  • Get references and look at their jobs. Of course, it’s always best if you get referrals from friends or family but you can still consider another contractor who can specialize in vinyl shakes. If you live in Morristown you may want to look for Morris county vinyl siding contractors.  Do what you feel is best.

Vinyl Siding  Cedar Shake

The price

  • Perfection vinyl shakes siding are 3 times more expensive than standard vinyl siding, it cost much more.   Look her for the cost of vinyl siding materials.  If the price gets beyond your budget and your heart is set on the shake look, it can still be installed.

    Vinyl Cedar Shake

    vinyl cedar shake siding

    You must pay attention to detail when installing vinyl cedar shake siding

    Save Money

    vinyl cedar shake siding

    Install shakes in the front and standard siding on the rest of the house


  • Simply install shake on the front of the house and standard siding on the rest. This will greatly lower the cost while getting the look you want. Look around and you’ll notice many Jersey homeowners follow this approach for their vinyl cedar shake siding project.

The Brand

  • There are many and you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. They’re all basically the same, perhaps some a little different than others but they do the same job. There’s Certainteed Cedar Impressions D7″ straight edge rough split, Mastic Home Exteriors and many more.
  • Therefore, don’t get too fuzzy with the brand, just do a little research and tell your contractor which kind you like.
  • There are other types similar to shake.  We have vinyl half round shake siding, vinyl shingle siding, hand-split vinyl shake siding and many more types.

Vinyl Siding Cedar Shake Look

There are so many siding contractors, how do you choose? Let me look at a directory. We have Garden state brickface and stucco in Roselle, On the spot home improvements in Saddle Brook, Joe Percario, Lowes siding, Home depot vinyl siding, Sears siding.

Just a few from the hundreds to choose. Don’t worry, you found the right one and here is a little more about us. is the website of New America Construction, Contact us for your free consultation.