How to Repair Vinyl Siding

How to repair vinyl siding before it deteriorates to something worse.    A vinyl siding repair is essential if you believe it can cause more damage, call a contractor.

There are basically no siding contractors who specialize only in siding repairs.   It’s just one of the few jobs they handle.  They couldn’t make a living on aluminum siding repair alone.   Therefore, look for a reputable siding company for your business.

How to Repair Vinyl Siding

Consideration for Siding Repair Cost

  • How long it can take to fix
  • Where exactly in the house is the problem
  • Scheduling  when the repair can be done
  • Is the repair easy or complex

How long will it take

Homeowners should have an idea how to fix vinyl cedar shake siding.  You don’t have to know plenty but at least a little, after all it’s your investment.   It greatly helps to do some research on the internet.

The location

Is the repair on the first floor and easy accessible or is it on the second floor.   Let’s say siding by the front door has been damaged and needs to be replaced, it can be done rather quickly.   If removing vinyl siding from the second floor is required, the sider needs to work from a ladder.   This will take much longer.

Sometimes we need to setup a scaffolding system to fix a problem on the top peak of a house because working from a ladder will be timely and inefficient.   The repair takes one hour but to setup the equipment takes two hours.


If the repair is an emergency and a siding company has to pull their people off a current project to fix the siding in your house than your siding costs more.

If a siding company is busy than scheduling time for a two hour repair may be difficult, especially if they have a large crew.

Is it easy or complex

Does a torn siding need to be replaced or do you have to install aluminum widow casing.  One job needs a worker with only one month experience and the other needs a top siding mechanic.

To schedule a repair and pull a siding mechanic off one project to bring them to your house for a two hour repair will cost you more.

Although siding companies do repairs, there are many times they wished they didn’t take the job.   Sometimes, they just can’t pull guys off a foam backed siding project for your small repair, it happens.

Repairs are scheduled and the contractor never makes it.   I’m sure Jersey homeowners experienced it.   Contractors are human and sometimes they bite off more than they can chew.  However, I’m not sure if all contractors are human but that’s another story.

Vinyl Siding Repair

Why some repairs are costly  

If a company is not busy a repair can be easily scheduled.  Therefore, they may give the homeowner a discount for the job.

Now if a company is busy and has to pull off their men, for a three to five hour repair, they may have to pay their men for a full day.   The job may be simple but the men have to get paid and the company still has to pay for gas and expenses.

Sometimes they can schedule another repair or project after a morning repair but many times they can’t so you have to pay for it.   This is why it is difficult to get a contractor to make a simple repair.  If they do come, you have to pay good money for their service.   After all this is New Jersey.

Repair Vinyl Siding

Some repairs cost more but the price should be reasonable and homeowners should not be gouged out of their hard earned money to repair their vinyl siding styles.

A good siding contractor will always deliver and leave a customer satisfied, well, at least most of the times.